You’ve been searching Pinterest for weeks and anxiously awaiting your hair appointment! Here are a few tips to get the very most out of your time with your stylist.

1. Do your research. If you already have a salon (or come to us, of course!) lucky you! However if you’re looking for a new salon or stylist, ask questions. Do you have any special hair needs? Curly hair, short hair, long hair, damaged or brittle hair, braids… whatever it may be you want to end up with the proper stylist, not just who is available.

2. How to book. This is your time and you deserve the most out of it! If you are going for a complete look overhaul, mention this to whoever books your appointment so we aren’t in a rush. If you’re booking a color service know exactly what you need. Root color, all over color, partial or full foil, balayage? All services require different amounts of time, if you have any questions ask to leave a message for the stylist to do a phone consultation. Patience is a virtue, if you can’t get into the stylist ASAP… wait! We are constantly correcting impulse cuts and colors.

3. Consultations are your friend. Trying something new can be scary, but scheduling a complimentary consultation can put many fears to rest. In certain situations a test strand may need to be performed to make sure you are a candidate for the service you are requesting.

4. Have a plan. You don’t need to speak hairdresser to tell us what you want. We LOVE pictures! Phrases like “let’s cut it short,” or “let’s go red” can look much different in your head then it does in your stylist’s. If you give someone the power to do “whatever you want,” don’t be upset when you don’t totally love it.

On a budget? Definitely mention this before any services are performed. Sticker shock is never fun. Some hairstyles and colors may be more maintenance or much more money than you were expecting. Hair, just like all other expenses, should be budgeted for if you’re committing to a new look.

Are you willing to dry/use styling tools/apply product? BE HONEST! If not, some styles may not be for you and are only achieved with these things.

5. Be flexible and embrace change. Not all color and cuts suit all complexions or face shapes. Trust your stylist and work together to find a perfect match if what you had in mind won’t work for your hair.

6. Be honest. Be upfront about all chemical services over the last 5 years, yes it matters! We promise we aren’t trying to shame you when we ask if you’ve colored your hair at home or what type of products you use, we just want to make sure our products won’t have any interesting effects when put on top of your previous color/keratin treatment/relaxer. Trust us, it can possibly save your hair.

7. Take notes. Always love how you look when you walk out of your hair appointment? Pay attention throughout the entire service! Why did they select that certain shampoo or conditioner? What styling products are they using and what order did they apply them in? Do I need to take any of these products home with me? Same for styling tools and brushes.