The Oscars are always a good place to see what’s hot for the year.  The timing is great, early Spring.  This year there were varied looks from disheveled to sleek according to a  Modern Salon Magazine article featuring Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty.

Many styles can be determined by the type or texture of your hair, thickness and length.  Say you want the high pony and the ability to transform into an easy hair style.  Try the Pony Plus from Kesara Beautifull Hair for sale soon on EVINE Live.

In order to do quick styles and transformations at home or on the go, keep the essentials in your style bag:

  1. Pony tail holders
  2. Large and small bobby pins
  3. Travel size working spray, we love Surface
  4. A small mirror ( to view the sides and back )
  5. Some texture powder Like True Grip from Loreal Professionel




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