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It is not easy to build a successful salon business without community, connections and conversations.

By creating the right staff, location and environment, we give people all the right reasons to become loyal, happy long term customers. It is through them that referrals are naturally made.

The experience we create for customers is everything!

What do you want customers to remember about you?

What do you want customers to say about you?

Here are 8 things that can make salons more successful.


Make sure you have the right people together on your team who have the skills, competence and personality to serve, grow and promote their business and yours.


Offer the services that people want in the community you serve. Tailor your services to the demographics of your market.


Stock the products that you use on your customers. When they look amazing with those products, it is easy to sell them. Use windows and displays to promote.  Keep them eye catching and informative.


Create the experience you want to be known and remembered for. From being greeted, while you are processing, to the finished look put the focus on your “customer experience”.

5-Events and Promotions

In between when you service customers, create events and promotions on products and on site events to keep in touch and build better relationships. Having customers meet each other creates a sense of community.  It is always positive to partner with cot-for-profits and charities that are relevant to your business.

6-Marketing and Social Media

Two of the most effective ways to market your salon is through email marketing and social media. Take your customer, vendor and colleagues emails and use them in an email marketing program monthly. Inform, inspire and educate on trends, customer feedback and before and afters. Use your Facebook page regularly to show, tell and share. Be engaged and responsive with your Facebook community. Include tips in your communications.

7-Industry Trends

Identify the industry websites, blogs and trend sites to gather content to share with your community. The latest trends, styles, products, services and looks all  show your relevance and professionalism.  Education is always key, maintain a consistent schedule of in salon classes as well as “field trips and team building exercises”.


Regularly survey customers for feedback on what they want, need and enjoy. Ask people about their experiences with products and services they use. It’s important to share the good and not so good. Show, tell and share!


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