4 Solutions for Summer Hair Care Woes

1-Protect Your Color
The trend in color for Summer 2016 are beautiful shades of Red and Copper.  These shades tend to fade with sun exposure.  Create a “sunblock” for  your hair. Because there’s no effective chemical product or dye designed to counteract the impact of ultraviolet rays on hair (though added SPF helps), a wide-brimmed hat is your best weapon for summer hair careProtein_Cream. Try one made from a tightly woven UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) fabric.  If you would like extra protection try a spray leave in like Surface Trinity Protein Spray.
2-Fight Frizz
Moisture in the air makes hair prone to frizzing.
Try a silicone-based smoothing serum. “These styling products temporarily ‘glue’ hair cuticles smooth, flattening out roughness and preventing the absorption of water molecules from the air,” says Deborah Sarnoff, MD, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center.
3- Manage oily hair and scalp
Like oily skin, an oily scalp gets worse in summer.
Frequent shampooing is the most effective technique for removing buildup. Also use dry shampoo or make your own by dusting your hairbrush with cornstarch or baby powder, shaking off the excess and brushing it through your hair and scalp. In a fix, Dip a cotton ball in witch hazel—a natural astringent that dissolves oil—and blot your scalp along your part and around your hairline.
4-Rescue Swimmers Hair
“It’s no myth—chlorine builds up on the hair and leaves a discoloring green film,” says McMaster. And this isn’t a blonde-only problem, although the buildup is more obvious on light-colored locks.For extra summer hair care protection, coat wet or dry hair with leave-in conditioner, try a clarifying shampoo, which has residue-removing properties, or rinse your hair with 1/4 cup cider vinegar mixed into a pint of water, which also removes dulling and discoloring films. Après swim, a ponytail keeps you cool poolside and minimizes damage (only the very outer layer gets exposed to the sun’s rays).
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