2018, the year to be seen: What is trending in hair?


When you been doing hair as long as I have, you could run out of motivation and new ideas, but I don’t.  I always pay attention to trends and take education to re-inspire and motivate myself.  When that age old question comes up, from a guest in my salon, “What would you do to my hair ?” or “So what’s the latest styles that are popular?”

I not only reeducate myself, attend symposiums and get the knowledge and creative tools to be my best for myself and clients but encourage our whole team at Salon GW to do the same…guess what they do!

We love to see what is trending at the beginning of the year and look to style and fashionista publications to find out what’s hot.





5 Looks that are emerging for 2018:

  1. Nirvana Blonde- “If you’re going to dye your hair one color this year, make it Nirvana Blonde.”
  2. The Boyish Bang- “Choppy bangs that had a decidedly boyish quality to them.”
  3. Braids Are Back- ” raids of all kinds have made a comeback on the runway (including four-strand and fishtail).” 
  4. Double Barrette- “Two barrettes of your choice fastened parallel just above each temple. “
  5. Go Big- “If you have natural curls or texture—don’t just wear them, flaunt them.”