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Build loyalty to ensure the longevity in your small business!

As a small business, building customer loyalty is one of the most important and often challenging aspects of our self marketing plan. Building new customers is essential, but keeping and growing our existing customers, especially long term is perhaps even more important. We cannot get complacent with this. Keeping ourselves fresh, relevant and interesting is a must.

We know that stories are the most powerful way for people to connect with each other. We all love stories because we all have them and can relate to them. The plot, the characters, the setting, the conflict, the resolution, the moral is the oldest from of telling and sharing experience, wisdom and history that we have. Today, storytelling is one of the most effective approaches to use in brand recognition and development.

Telling a story to drive home a theme or point is so powerful and lasting that it can cut through all the noise and clutter to grab someone’s attention very quickly.


  • The courage and perseverance of Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind adventurer to summit all seven of the planet’s highest mountain peaks.
  • The innovation and vision of Ray Kroc of McDonald’s to revolutionize fast food.
  • Sara Blakely getting over her fear of sales to make Spanx the success it is todayHere are 3 ways you can build your brand connection with customers.
1- Identify life shapers and turning points. We all have specific experiences, events and moments that shape our ideas and were turning points in our lives. People can identify with us through them.

2- Think of random situations or occurrences you were involved in or witnessed that greatly moved you and why. These are amazing for chit chat with customers.

3-Talk about things, issues, causes that you are involved in and  passionate about. We all have charities, causes and things that we are a part of and align ourselves with. These can help identify our commonality with customers and bond us as people.

In the beauty and grooming business, having the right stylist and person to help create our visual image is key to building our self esteem. Get referrals and recommendations, be honest about what you want and  don’t want. Work together with  your stylist to create your best look.

Tip and Trick of the week to keep your clip in extensions beautiful!

Our guests in the salon using a high quality synthetic fiber, clip in hair extensions are sometimes concerned about the hair looking dry and lifeless.

My answer to them is moisture and  some shine products are best.  Here are a few tips:

  • Using protein on synthetic fibers is pointless. When using a conditioning product it should always say words and phrases like moistening, moisturizing and renewing not rebuilding or repairing.
  • Avoid brushing or combing while wet. Allow them to lay flat and dry overnight after you spray a leave in moisture based conditioner.
  • Keep it cool when selecting a water temperature to rinse
  • Dry shine products are best
  • Blowdry or heat tools should be moderate depending on manufacturer suggestions


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