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Trending now: The Bohemian Braid, perfect for the beach wedding!

Keep your hairstyle simple and sexy when exchanging nuptials on the beach. This Bohemian Braid is perfect.beach-wedding-decoration-at-sunset  We always want to remember 5 key things to keep you looking great:

  1. Make sure it is secure
  2. The style should fit the wedding, more natural
  3. Consider the winds
  4. Dance proof
  5. If your hair frizzes add anti humidity product

Care for your body in and out!

Organic and natural products  are not just a growing trend for what you eat and drink, but also what you also put on your hair and use on your bodyHealthy Hair!

Whole Foods and other stores like them are dedicating entire areas to the natural skin and hair product buyer.  Now many salons have started following suit.  This not only keeps their guests overall health and well-being in mind, but the health of their staff.

Articles are being written to inspire the consumer and direct them where to go.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. If I won’t consume this, should it be used on my skin, hair and nails?
  2. Do some of the less organic ingredients contain anything that reacts to heat? Plastics, acrylics and toxic ingredients are found in many beauty products, when heated they emit toxic fumes.
  3. Can I get the same results and performance with organic products?
  4. This is a simple step in our participating in reducing our carbon footprint
  5. The more we purchase and choose organic, the sooner the prices will come down.

By Gregory Brady, Partner Salon GW & Kesara Hair LLC

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