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5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

  1. Put down the shampoo! Although high temperatures may have you jumping in the shower more often, summerbraidlathering up too frequently can cause dryness and frizz. Try clipping your hair up in the shower and using a dry shampoo afterwards to refresh your style. Avoid heat styling and try working with your natural texture or a fun summer braid.
  2. Going for a swim? If you plan on taking a dip, try wetting strands in the shower first. I like to detangle,  add a quarter sized amount of leave in conditioner or oil and braid my hair loosely. If hair is already damp it is less likely to absorb chlorine and salt water which can leave your hair feeling dry.
  3. Replenish! Look for sulfate free shampoos and hydrating conditioners. Once a week try a moisturizing hair mask!
  4. Detangle properly. Keep a brush that is made for detangling wet hair at home AND in your beach bag. Hair is most delicate while it is wet, using a traditional brush on tangles may cause breakage.
  5. Accessorize! Hats and scarves are the most fashionable way to protect your hair and skin from harmful UV rays.

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5 Reasons to Try The Balayage Look

Balyage Gio 42015IMG_0659You may not have heard the term “balayage” until now, but we can guarantee you have seen this hot hair trend on the runways, the big screen and in the magazines.

Balayage translates as “to sweep” as each section is hand painted, melting the colors together to give hair depth, dimension and movement. Think back to that beautiful sun kissed hair you had as a child in the summer months.

Here are five reasons you should discuss balayage with your colorist:

  1. Create a custom color to accentuate your hairstyle and complexion.
  2. It is a great way to grow out old highlights or dark hair color.
  3. Non-committal color; there is no need to retouch for 6 months, up to a year. Low maintenance!
  4. Cost effective. Although a balayage service costs more than a traditional foil, it is done less frequently.
  5. Balayage was developed to mimic what happens to hair as a result of being in the sun, so this trend is here to stay long beyond the season.

Contact us at Salon GW to set up an appointment to discuss your best Balayage.

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Beach Weddings Trending on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Beach lovers will find great beach destinations along Florida’s west coast and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches are set apart from the rest of the state, boasting a reputation for powdery white sands, emerald green waters and breathtaking sunsets – all key ingredients for a romantic Florida beach wedding or elopement.

Whether you choose to get married in Dunedin Florida at the Top Rated Honeymoon Island, recently voted #6, of the top beaches in Florida, or Clearwater and St. Pete Beaches, also voted a top 10 beach by the Travel Channel, the Gulf Coast beaches offer unparalleled sunsets – just perfect for your beach wedding ceremony.

While planning these beautiful events you can include time for your family to have an amazing vacation.  The accommodations are amazing and not as expensive as island get-aways. Some are located in towns where you can eat, drink and see the sites without having to get in a car.  Get your hair and make up done on location, a service provided by an area salon,  or get away and get pampered in the salon itself.

Beach weddings are amazing when they are well thought out, your guests are prepared and it fits your guest list. So, here are a few important tips to keep in mind when planning a beach wedding.

1-Simplify the dress. Skip the ball gown which belongs, at a ball. It can be long and beautiful, but functional, so choose a lightweight fabric like chiffon or charmeuse so your gown flows in the ocean breeze.

2-Consider an updo, which is easier to wear , especially if it’s a bit windy and goes with any style dress.
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3-A neutral decor should be simple; avoid going over the top with fussy flowers.

4-Making sure they know in all your communications that it is a beach wedding.

5-Prepare your guests for the sun and sand by including travel size necessary items in the welcome bags, include sunscreen, and a hand towel.

Nothing beats a beautiful natural beach setting, a gorgeous sunset and two people in love getting married surrounded by their loved ones.

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