Part 2: What to Expect During Your Trial

Trials are important not only for you as the bride, but for the stylist Menudos 2015Makeup app 2015as well.

Trials give your stylist the opportunity to gain knowledge of your hair texture and pliability. This will aid the stylist learn what products work best with your hair, to ensure they produce your desired look,  as well as making sure the style lasts for your special day.

As far as the makeup, when you bring in pictures of what you want, the stylist will do their best to give you the outcome of what you like. Keep in mind that not all styles match each person’s facial features, so be realistic with the way it will look on you, rather than the model you have chosen. Make sure the salon and stylist have availability for your wedding day.  If you need on location services make sure that is offered.

During your one and a half hour Trial appointment, your stylist will style your hair and/or makeup as it will be done for the wedding day.

Here are some tips we suggest for your Trial Day.

1-Bring any and all hair accessories/veils you may want to try, to help make your decision.

2- Arrive for your appointment on time and with a clean face with only moisturizer without SPF. (unless otherwise discussed).

3-On the day of your trial as well as your wedding day, please come with hair fully blown dried after adding either mousse or gel to it. Blow dry your hair straight back with either a round or paddle brush. If you are in need of professional prepping products, ask the salon you choose if they have traveling kits available for you to purchase.

You can contact Salon GW to schedule your trial at any time. We recommend scheduling the trial about 4-6 weeks before your wedding day, and that your trial run for a day when you have a party or social event to attend.

We offer trials Tuesday through Friday.  You will need to make an appointment in most cases.

Sources used: Babydoll Weddings and Salon GW