March Is The Begining Of Wedding Planning Season. Start NOW!

Let the planning begin.  March is a month that many start planning their weddings.  This is due to the number of proposals on Valentine’s Day.

Some six million Americans are said to have planned – or expected – a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day, 2013. Since there are about 14 million marriage proposal in the United States each year that can be tracked – the Facebook relationship status change is a surefire sign – it stands to reason that the February date is a better than average occasion for the momentous change in a relationship.

This will be a 5 part series to help you plan your most memorable day.

#1 thing to ask is to hire or not hire an event planner?
Most wedding planning and event companies charge the vendor not the client.  Because they have working relationships, you get great quality at the same cost, leaving nothing to chance.  Planning also comes with a day of coordinator which is key.  The bride, her family, attendants and guests shouldn’t be contacted on the special day with an problems that may arise.  They should know the area well and be able to direct everyone’s needs.

The planner can help you make the big decisions down to the smallest of details. From venues to vendors they orchestrate the event and will ensure you have a magical day. Gregory gab wedd 2013Gayboy wedding