Hair Extensions. What is in a name?

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Extensions, What’s in a name?

Let’s think back to 5 or 10 years ago to what the perceptions of hair extensions were.

For me, as a stylist for over 28 years, they weren’t for the everyday woman or client.  If you couldn’t grow your hair long, you just wore shorter styles.  The only women who were getting extensions and buying the temporary kind were mostly exotic women with “exotic” careers.

Fast forward and take a look at just some of the stars from the most recent Grammy’s.  We have now seen a complete turnaround in the materials, both human hair and fiber, and the perception.  The human hair can be applied in a salon or can be bought as clip-ins for use at home.

They are now being worn by everyone because of how easy, accessible and affordable they have become.

For volume, look to Kim Kardashian’s Grammy look, or for length, see what Paris Hilton is donning.


The fibers are coming out in a lightweight, realness with amazing color palettes, which make them undetectable.  Anything from fringe, buns, braids or just to thicken or lengthen,   now you can change your look instantly, easily and often with hair extensions.

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