Blooming Beauty in Spring for 2015

Harper’s Bazaar
has some awesome ideas for getting a fresh look for the spring season.


Do you tend to gravitate to the same color palette that feels comfortable for you? Yes, the same one that is in crumbles in your makeup bag.

Throw that all away and treat yourself for the new year!  Use those gift cards, from the holidays, and revamp.  Get a new bag and new products.  All that you need are available at MAC, Ulta and Sephora.

Ask your stylist  to walk you through how to apply and what you need to purchase.  Make sure they work with makeup in photography , fashion and events.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:
1-Determine your skin tone
2-Determine the shape of your face
3-Check for allergines
4-Look for neutral or trend colors
5-Play in front of the mirror

And,  don’t forget to have fun!